Would you believe ..

..that it’s the third quarter final of Euro and this is my first post about the tournament. I have to admit part of it was lazyness but mostly the blame lies with the horrible coverage football gets here in America. Watching today’s awesome match was  a pain . Two idiotic commentators who don’t know shit about the game , insist on mispronouncing names , and jabber on about forthcoming TV shows on the channel (abc for todays match. I mean … van Nistelrooy almost scored and these guys were giving deatils about  “I survived a Japanese game show”) while the match is going on. Also there was no halftime show. There was just 20 minutes of commercials. The commercials flashing on screen while the match was going on  thus blocking my view of the action on the field was extremely irritating. 

These network people are so used to the excessive commercialism that small, insignificant sports like baseball , basketball and American football need to stay afloat that they  thrust the same crap onto football not realising that the beautiful game is far bigger than anything else in the world of sports. 

On the bright side , I’ll be in India for the semis and the Final . Back to John Dykes and co. Back to some real coverage.


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