Amreeka Diary : The End

My 46 day trip has finally come to an end. Though this was probably a bad time for me to come on such a long holiday with placements , gre around the corner and the CAT drawing nearer by the day  ,  I have no regrets with coming here.

By freak chance all the family members I met here , I had already met in the last year. My two aunts had come just last June , my cousins had come for another cousins wedding and a few cousins had just randomly showed up in India with the odd one staying back for six months. So for me , it wasn’t really a big deal to meet my family  . What was big deal was to spend time with them in their comfort zone. It felt nice to undergo the role reversal of me being the person adjusting to the roads , food , water , people  etc etc and them being the ones totally at ease.

Other than the huge disapointment of the cancelled RUSH concert , I don’t think I have any complaints about my trip . While I’m quite sure I’d never want to settle down in the US , I’d love to come back for a visit to see more places and have some more fun.

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