This report is kinda late , the net connection was down for a couple of days.

Italy -Spain : It was a rather boring match. I don’t agree with all this talk of ‘the deserving team won’ though. Spain did have lion’s share of possession , but most of it was in their own half and in midfield. They didn’t really create any chances . All their ‘chances’ were long range shots which never came close to troubling Buffon. Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad that Spain won , but that’s because they play a better , more entertaining game . Italy screwed their chances of winning by getting on Del Piero so late into the match. The idea of giving Di Natale the crucial fourth penalty was also a huge a mistake.

Germany – Turkey : It’s really sad that Germany won. Turkey totally dominated the game. They ahd a better game plan , better passing , better movement and overall very good teamwork. HItting the post twice and getting 11 shots on target even when playing a grossly understrength team losing is really sad.

Spain- Russia: I expected this one to be great match , but i was very disappointed . It was Spain all the way. The Russia that had terrorised Holland were nowhere to be seen . They just couldn’t make their way forward and Spain completely controlled the game. It turned out to be one way traffic which was very boring considering it was the semi of Euro.

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