Euro final

Spain deservedly won their second Euro on Sunday night.

The match started rather boring, with both teams more interested in hitting each other than playing football. Thankfully both teams realised that hitting one another doesn’t solve the problem of needing to score to win. Spain played brilliantly. Their movement and fluidity of attack was awesome. Aragones once again used a large number of players showing tremendous faith in his younger , inexperienced players like Guiza  and Cazorla. I thought Silva was a revelation this tournament. I hope he doesn’t end up like Vicente , who was absolutely brilliant in Euro 2004 but has now doesn’t make the national team. Another notion of mine which was reinforced this euro is the over-rated ness of Michael Ballack. He seemed to get frustrated very easily and never really showed anything special . For me ‘even’ Lampard is better.

The Times of India and Pune MIrror once again screwed up in their report by saying Xavi was adjudged the “MVP” . Wrong Sport guys! He was adjudged the  ‘Player of the Tournament’ .

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