A post-GRE post

So my GRE didn’t go as badly as I thought it would and I ended up getting a respectable score . I’m quite proud of myself actually that i got past my aim of quadruple digits quite comfortably.  More than anything I’m ecstatic that I got my score by studying for just five days. I had had many bad ideas about how much suffering people go through studying for GRE for over 2 months. So following Kapeesh and Rohit’s posts about how to do well in the GRE (if you have about 60 days and are absolutely kaam-dhanda less), here are a few things you could do in case you  want to put in minimal effort and still salvage a decent score.


-Do NOT do anything more than Barrons . It has a brilliant wordlist and literally no more than 3-4 words come from outside it. Five days is not enough time to mug up the dictionary. Just stick to Barrons.

-The exercises in Barrons are quite pointless. They all are very basic and very different from the stuiff the actually ask in the GRE. Do NOT waste time solving them.  Instead solve Dilip Oak’s material (if you can get your hands on it)


As Rohit says ” GRE IS CRAP, it tests 7th std maths”  and as Kapeesh says “Aiming for anything less than 800 here is unacceptable.”

Seriously , I thought i was gonna get screwed in the DI section because i kept making stupid mistakes , but it really is very simple. Most of you will be able to get an 800 in your sleep.

Also , do not sit solving the Barrons maths. It is very simple and there are qute a few wrong solutions. You are likely to get complacent and also replace your good concepts with incorrect ones. Instead solve the entire maths practice section in the ETS powerprep.


Here’s an helpful tip. If you are writing your first serious essay after your 12th standard board exam , the GRE is NOT the place to do it.  Trust me. It doesn’t work! Write at least 2 essays before your GRE to get into the groove and remember your phak-ing skills. And you should draw up points for about 5 issue topics and 5 arguments.

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3 Responses to A post-GRE post

  1. Rohit says:

    Cool. Congrats for the score.

  2. James says:


    How can I get the Dilip Oak’s material that you talked about.Is it available here in the US?

  3. Aditya says:

    I don’t think so. The only way you can get it is from Dilip Oak or from someone who goes to Dilip Oak for classes.

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