Grumpy old men

No, I’m not talking about the Jack Lemmon starrer . I’m referring to these two idiots who really seem to have nothing better to do.

UEFA boss Platini talks of banning clubs with debts , like Man United and Chelsea , from the Champions league next year. Why? He says these teams are cheaters. Now i fail to understand  the relation between being in debt and cheating. In fact being in debt puts us at a disadvantage and doesn’t allow us to compete with other teams with no such problems. He says Madrid are a bigger club than both United and Chelsea and are not cheaters , thus Ronaldo should go there. While acknowledging the fact that Madrid has won a lot of stuff in the past , I would like to point out that they lost in the pre-quarters of the champions league this year. Also they are hardly what one might call a ‘great club’ outside the pitch. They don’t have a youth program . They steal players from Athletico (prime example :Raul). They gave their training facilities on rent to finance the purchase of Luis Figo. The sold 15 players to finance the purchase of Beckham. On the other hand , Man Utd have a thriving youth program , Sir Alex is arguably the best manager in the world when it comes to taking care of and nurturing youth and we never go to ridiculous lengths and screw with the whole club for one player. Most importantly , we win after all that.

And Mr Blatter has the nerve to compare Man United’s refusal to sell Ronaldo to ‘modern day slavery’ .  Now we never forced Ronaldo to do anything. He read the contract and he signed of his own accord. It is his duty to honour the contract and Man United are doing absolutely nothing wrong by asking him to stay.

Come to think of it , even Ronaldo has agreed with Blatter’s comments about him being a slave. I wonder what his arguments is : Oh ,  Look at how badly they treat me. I get just a measly 6 million pounds a year. How am I supposed to survive on that?

Pah! As George Thomas would say ‘ Slavery my fundament!’

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