A few movies

I’ve seen quite a few movies over the last fortnight or so. Here are some thoughts on some of them.

Sarkar Raj: I quite liked it. It wasn’t nearly as good as the earlier one , but good nonetheless. The acting performances were brilliant. Amitabh especially was amazing. My only complaint would be that RGV has neglected the story a bit and given way too much attention to the camera work and technical stuff. The odd angles do get a little overbearing after  a while.

Hancock: The movie’s tagline says “thers su[perheroes and then there’s Hancock” Quite a few  people have not liked Hancock . It is quite a different movie. For one , it’s realistic and does not have outlandish villians show up from nowhere. Also the fact that Hancock’s character is so flawed gives the movie a very unique touch. I really liked the movie. Will smith and Charlize Theron have put in really good performances. The comic elements in the movie are memorable and the action is about as expected. The explanation given for the power they have is also reasonably good.

Kung Fu Panda : When a movie has Jack Black , Jackie Chan and Dustin Hoffman in it , its gotta be good. Make that movie animated and it becomes awesome. I loved it. I’d rather not give away the jokes and stuff. The movie is great. Watch it.

And now eagerly awaiting The Dark Knight

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One Response to A few movies

  1. weena says:

    you should see wanted, the action scenes are really really really really really cool. . .

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