Pub Quizzing

I had my first experience of Pub Quizzing yesterday. About eight of us went to Post 91 in Koregaon Park to get an experience of what this pub quizzing thing is all about.

We started pretty well by getting both the opening questions right and then screwed up by making three mistakes in the next round . Some of the questions were quite good but most of them were arbit trivia , the kind that would get you buried under a pile of stones at BC. There were a few disputable questions. Like one where we were asked , “what is India’s ballistic missile called?” Now India has quite a few ballistic missiles. So we wrote Prithvi . The QM said that Prithvi was a surface to surface missile and the correct answer was Agni . This is entirely wrong since Prithvi is a Ballistic missile. Being a surface to surface missile doesn’t make it a non-ballistic missile. We didn’t really get into any arguments at this stage and had to just let it go since Yasho , who would have normally been the person to tackle the quizmaster at this point , was too drunk to move and kept shouting “Screw You!” at everything that moved in the room .

Some of the questions that followed were decent while some were bad like colloquial names of everyday objects. In the end we lost because we didn’t know what a double handed cork screw is called by Bartenders. (It’s apparently called ‘Angel’s Wings’)

From the quizzing point of view , it wasn’t very good. Overall hanging out was lot of fun for me since everyone was getting drunk around me .Expect some interesting videos to be out on You Tube soon.

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