Trust Vote

I don’t really follow the proceedings in the Lok Sabha , but I do follow most of the big stuff like trust votes. Today’s session was really entertaining and very interesting.

Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Kalawati’ speech was fun , Lalu was hilarious , Omar Abdullah’s speech was brilliant. Then the whole bribing allegations added a lot more drama to the situation. It was quite sad that the Prime Minister , Dr. Manmohan Singh , could not deliver his speech and had to just publish it on his website. The speech was really good [read it here] and it would have  been interesting to see the reactions of LK Advani and Prakash Karat , but unfortunately the BJP could not extend  the basic courtesy of not disrupting the Prime Minister’s speech.

Now that the UPA has won , the only thing left to do is predict tomorrow’s headlines. My money is on a derivative of / lame reference to “Singh is Kinng

Btw , check out this great article. Trust Vote : Bollywood Ishtyle.

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