The last few days

The  past few days have been quite good.

On Sunday morning , i took my first SimCAT at IMS. I realised that I totally suck at DI. Maths and English are okay.

Then went for the BCQC open quiz conducted by Sumant from The Bombay Quiz Club. Teamed up with Kunal after a really long time. Actually , it was just the second time we teamed up (the first time being in the VIT music quiz where we came second). This time we put in quite a good overall performance. We topped the elims . Incidentally , the elims also saw our greatest moment in quizzing : we (widely considered to be hindi film illiterate) correctly answered a question on hindi films which Ramanand and dada got wrong. How amazing is that!! We probably should have got a few questions in the finals. Definitely should have cracked the theme earlier. If it hadn’t been for a disputed answer (the definitely-not-the-same-thing-ness of ‘Death’ and ‘Grim Reaper’ in the Sandman series) we would have come in second. Ahh well , these things happen. Anyways the quiz was amazing. All the questions were great. It was all out hard-core, totally workable ,  ‘intellectual’ quizzing for a  Shammanthesque 5 hours. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to a quiz that started at 3pm and ended at 8pm . It was a great way to spend my Sunday.

Went to college today. It was pretty uneventful until I saw the certificate  ‘in appreciation of endless efforts’ for the Basketball team that Megs was proudly showing me. Now Megs‘s actual name is Maeghun Vadgaama. Not the most normal name , you would say . If the double ‘a’ in the surname doesn’t stump you , the  sliding vowel coupled with the ‘u’ (where an ‘a’ is customary) in ‘Maeghun’ is sure to.  So it’s pretty amusing when one comes across an official document in which both name and surname have successfully taken off the bails and left the writer looking like a complete idiot. The certificate for participating in the , AHEM, extremely successful franchise that is the girls basketball team had in fact misspelled both name and surname. And it wasn’t the kind of normal mistake one would expect with such a difficult name. Normally ‘Maeghun’ would be misspelled as ‘Meghan’ but ‘Vadgaama’ would be spelt quite correctly. On this certificate however in addition to the expected ‘Meghan’  , Vadgaama was spelt as ‘Vadaghum’ ! The bugger hadn’t even bothered to write Ms. before the name and left it as Mr./Ms ! . We had quite a great laugh about it. Mr/Ms Meghan Vadaghum has also blogged about it.

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