Remembering Sir Don

It’s Sir Don Bradman’s 100th birth anniversary today. Came across this interesting piece in the New York Times which was published in 2001, just after Sir Don passed away. The piece just shows how great the greatest cricketer of all time was .

“Among world cricketers, Bradman had a career average of 99.94 runs per innings, a level 30 runs higher than that of his nearest rival even today.

In a recent book, ”The Best of the Best,” Charles Davis, a Melbourne sports statistician, rated stars from different sports by measuring champions who were so far ahead of their rivals that they were in a class of their own, then comparing these margins.

By Mr. Davis’s calculations, Bradman led the order of career-long achievement with a 4.4 rating, followed by football‘s* Pelé (3.7), baseball’s Ty Cobb (3.6), golf’s Jack Nicklaus (3.5), basketball’s Michael Jordan (3.4) and Joe Montana (3.1).

Mr. Davis calculated that for Cobb to have matched Bradman in dominance, he would have required a career batting average of .392. Cobb’s career average was .366.

He says that to achieve the superiority level of Bradman, Nicklaus would have needed 25 major golf titles (he won 18), and Jordan would have needed to average 43 points a game (he averaged 32). “

* I changed the ‘soccer’ to football from the original article. I just can’t bring myself to write that Pele was a ‘soccer player’ on my blog.

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