What’s wrong with you , Roger?

As everyone knows by now Roger Federer has lost his No 1 position to Rafael Nadal. While I agree that Nadal is playing the best tennis I’ve seen him play yet , I have to say that Federer has lost his place more than Nadal has won it. Nadal has not become better than Federer , Federer’s game has dropped.

A lot of people wrote volumes about how this years Wimbledon final was the best ever. But it cannot be denied that Roger was clearly not playing at his best. He made just one of his 13 break points and made unforced errors on shots he would have got winners off in his sleep last year. Inspite of playing the worst he’s ever played the match still went into 5 sets and carried on for close to five hours.

And just yesterday he won a five setter against Igor Andreev . Once again , Andreev didn’t really play amazing tennis or anything , Roger made 60 unforced errors. 60 !!

That’s why I’m not quite so sure I want to accept Rafa as the best player in the world right now. Roger is still the best. Its just a lull in form . He’ll be back.

to reiterate the oldest of sports cliches ‘ Form is temporary , class is permanent’

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