Considering that there is no infrastructure in place and the fact that Suresh Kalmadi is in Charge , it doesn’t take  rocket science to figure out that this years Commonwealth Youth Games are going to be a disaster.

Some suggestions to avoid the huge embarrassment that awaits us:

1.Pay the Government of Australia a huge sum of money and get them to rename Bendigo as Pune.

2. Insist that the athletes are in the wrong country .

3. Cancel all the Athletes’ visas on account of terrorist suspicions.

4. Don’t do anything more in Pune and say the we had fixed up everything , that damned Indian Mujahideen broke all our roads .

5. Change Pune’s name and insist that no such place exists. They should go back home and check their sources. These stupid foreigners know nothing about this part of the world.

6. Throw all athletes out on concocted charges of racism.

7. Give them all complimentary drinks with Performance enhancing drugs in them. Take the drug test immediately , blast them for having defiled the sanctity of sport and make them fix all the roads.

All these things are too complex and require planning  and subtlety which our leaders have shown they are utterly incapable of. So the simplest option is :

Tell Raj Thackeray that none of the Athletes can speak marathi .

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One Response to CYG

  1. Meenu says:

    Well said!! I was about to start writing on how disastrous are CYG under our politicians purview and came across your listing. I think what you have written is the truth rather than humour 🙂

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