Two things I don’t support…

1. Matthew Hayden blaming his team’s 2-0 defeat on petty issues like people taking too long to move out of the way of sightscreens .

2. People going overboard and singing praises of India’s economic might to justify the claim that India is not a third world country. Pune Mirror today just took the cake. In an article titled ” Shut up, you third world loser” , they said that India wasn’t a third world country because it had 34 companies in the Forbes Global 2000 ranking for 2008 , the biggest rail network in the world, Infosys hires 1000 locals in Australia, Taj Hotels has a huge office in Sydney , Tata Steel has a presence in Brisbane , Oswal Group is constructing  an ammonia plant in Western  Australia , Sterlite Industries has acquired two copper mines in Tasmania (and this apparently makes a big difference because it’s Ricky Ponting’s home state) and here’s the killer blow (quoting straight from the article) : ” Remember , Sachin Tendulkar’s bat sticker contract can buy out your house ” !

By that logic every country Indian companies have a presence in almost every country in the world. Does that mean every country is inferior to us? And what about all the foreign investment in Inda (BMW , Volkswagen , Skoda , Walmart  just to name a few) ?

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