18258 names of Bond

Got this link from Boing Boing .

There’s 18258 anagrams of the name ‘Quantum of Solace’ . Some of them are great.

My favourite ones are : Macaques Fool Nut , Factual Mosque No , Canal Mosque Tofu , Ace Quantum Fools , Fecal Qua Moutons , Flamenco Quota Us , Falcon Quota Muse , Fact Unequal Moos , Coolant Qua Fumes , Cola Masque Futon , Coma Equals Futon , Cosmonaut Qua Elf , A Calf Unquotes Om .

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One Response to 18258 names of Bond

  1. kryptosfan says:

    I’m doing a Kryptos Anagram contest if anyone is interested.



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