Some random thoughts after the attack

-I totally agree with the decision to set up a new organisation to handle terror attacks in India. But since our leaders are bound to politicise the issue , the handling of this new body should be totally independent of politicians . They shouldn’t know anything about the workings of this body . I’d say don’t even tell them who heads the body. Just give them one contact who’ll act as messenger between the government and this body. We should also make a constitutional amendment to hand over absolute power to this body in the event of an attack and the politicians shouldn’t be allowed to make public appearances or give interviews /addresses without the express permission of this body. NO red tape . NO political involvement. It should be as simple as that. There’s a terror attack – get the politicians out , get the sensible people in charge.

-Screw fundamental rights. Put a gag order on all divisionist parties and their members for life. These people are insane . In fact don’t even let them  make public appearances. And for goodness sake arrest them when they don’t comply with these rules (as they surely won’t) Why the hell are  these people not already in jail?

-Hold talks with Pakistan in full view of the world. Tell them the location of all the wanted terrorists living there and ask them to arrest them . If they go round the issue of committing to making arrests (Like shah Mehmood Qureshi did in his NDTV interview) , say it like it is: This means one of two things: 1. They lied about helping out against terror and are accomplices to terror. or 2. They are cowards and are scared to take the necessary action.

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One Response to Some random thoughts after the attack

  1. Aniket says:

    Isn’t this a bit too idealistic?? Separate body? No political interference? Nobody would even know who runs it? That wouldn’t be possible anywhere in the world, let alone in India.
    And yes of course, there’s the eternal question – who will ensure that this body will work? and who will watch those who watch the people?

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