Yet another tragedy

After the horrific terror attack on Bombay and the 195 deaths it caused , we have another tragedy.

Barely have the funeral pyres of the heroes of Bombay stopped burning that our politicians have begun pointing fingers at each other. Comments like “Failure of entire Government” , “We would have handled it better ” etc etc are doing the rounds. You’d think that such a huge attack would bring about some unity if not forever , at least for a week. It sucks that we have nobody in the government capable of seeing that now we need people to work together.

Sometimes I seriously think we should just let the armed forces handle the running of the country . After all they are the only ones who care about serving the people . Our leaders just care about politics . Who will like to hear what ? Who will vote which way? If i appoint a dalit or a muslim to this post would more people vote for me?  These seem to be the only questions going through their heads while our brave soldiers and innocent hostages are dying at the hands of  terrorists.

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