Almost Shakti

Ustad Zakir Hussein , Shankar Mahadevan , and U. Srinivas playing together. Almost Shakti .  Unlike Vasantotsav last year , monkey wasn’t in the line up . This time Taufiq Qureshi was on Percussion and V. Sevaganesh was on the kanjira .

The show started as expected with a prayer . Then they played great jazz piece composed by Loy Mendonca (though some phrases did seem mildly plagiarised from John Coltrane). Then went on to a jugalbandi between U. Srinivas and Taufiq Qureshi which was awesome . U. Srinivas showed off this time. Man! He’s brilliant! Taufiq put on his usual entertaining show. Then all the musicians came back and played the same piece they played at Vasantotsav last year. As expected it was amazing . The came the Selvaganesh solo. Then the absolutely mindblowing Zakir Hussein solo. The show ended as always with ‘Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram‘.

Some mentionable points:

The Law College ground sucks as a venue for a classical concert. There are too many buildings around and the echo is very irritating.

The sound guy sucked.

There were too many Semi-Pseudo Fans . And obviously they were sitting behind us. One excerpt from the (very loud) conversation going on behind us (translated into English , the original Marathi is probably even more irritating):

Idiot 1: (during the Taufiq Srinivas jugalbandi) Which of these is Taufiq Qureshi ?

Idiot Superidiot : Stupid ! He’s the one playing the guitar!

Another example:

Idiot: (while selvaganesh is going crazy on the kanjira) Please stop now. My hands are hurting just looking at you.

Other Idiots laugh loudly as if this was actually funny.

Another example:

Idiot: (while jazz piece is going on) This is okay. But have you heard ‘Nothing else matters’?

Seriously they should do a brain scan or something  before letting these people in !

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2 Responses to Almost Shakti

  1. Deepak Iyer says:

    Taufiq Qureshi on the guitar .. hehehehe.
    And I think Zakir and Shankar M are responsible for most pseudo fans showing up.

  2. Rohan Sawlani says:

    Good Content.
    Check out my blog

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