People who attend concerts

I’ve been to two concerts in the last 5 days . Before I post about them , I feel its necessary to write about the kind of people who go to concerts. These people can be broadly be classified into 4 types :

1. The Real Fans: These people really like music . They know about music and would go to almost any length to see a good concert. They hate people who come just for the heck of it . Most importantly the sole reason a Real Fan goes to a concert is for the music , not for a chance to show off or to impress someone.

2. Pseudo-Fans : These people have heard of the band and like music in general but are not really into the act that is playing. All of these people have listened  to the ‘Best of ‘ album before coming to concert and that’s about it.

3. Semi-Pseudo Fans: These people haven’t even heard the best of album . Their rationale for attending the concert is   ” I like Metallica , therefore I must see Zakir Hussain” .

3a. Over Zealous Semi Pseudo Fans : These are a subset of Semi Pseudo fans and are without doubt the most irritating creatures in the world . They not only come to concerts just for the heck of it, but they also screw up the concert for the Real Fans (and given Murphy’s Laws they always land up near a Real Fan in a concert) by screaming irrelevant stuff, making totally WTF comments , moshing in case of rock gigs and asking the Real Fans whats going on. eg: A guy shouting ‘Nothing Else Matters ‘ at a Roger Waters Concert.

4. Posers: These people have no interest in music whatsoever . Generally these people are rich and can afford to go to concerts in spite of not liking it. They  go along to concerts only to show their friends that they are not total idiots who don’t listen to music . Going to a concert is also sometimes seen as a cool thing to do. Some people like to just say to people that they went to a big concert. This gives them the opportunity to show they are better than those who didn’t go. Best way to spot a poser is that they are driven by stereotypes and think all the stuff the newspapers say about music is true.    eg  ” What? You didn’t see Iron Maiden perform yesterday? Dude ! You missed an awesome gig. The crowd was great …all the moshing and screaming . And the band played some famous songs. Though I have to agree with Times of India that the band from Rock On is probably better”

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7 Responses to People who attend concerts

  1. Salil says:

    I dont see any difference between 3a and 4.

  2. kapeesh says:

    shouldn’t there be a 1a? people who aren’t that into music in general, but love the artist? like people who wouldn’t care for metallica, but would do anything for a bryan adams concert..

  3. Aditya says:

    @Salil: The difference is that 3a like some act (sometimes only one band) and come to all concerts. 4 are generally not into music at all.

  4. Yash Marathe says:

    Then there’s also 5.Idiots/Arseholes/ – People who don’t go to concerts, don’t even try to listen to the music and end up fucking up the concert for everyone within a 10m radius.

  5. Yash Marathe says:

    I see WordPress doesn’t allow me to edit or delete my own comments. I was on two different trains of thought and meant to say “For those who don’t go to the concert to even try to listen to the music…”

  6. Adi says:

    Looks like Pune Mirror is following ur blog. Today they hunted down a few people who were reading stuff and sleeping during the program. Close to no.4s I guess. How would you classify them?

  7. Deepak Iyer says:

    For me, probably the most irritating are the ones who come out and can’t stop praising a bad performance !

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