It’s been ages since I’ve attended a good concert and what a way to end the drought. Jethro Tull live with anoushka Shankar .

The show had three parts. The first one was a solo set by Anoushka shankar . The second was Jethro Tull playing their stuff and the third was a jugalbandi .

Anoushka Shankar put on a great show for the first half an hour . She played one composition in Raag Jog and one in Raag Panchamsagar (which was composed by Pandit Ravi Shankar).

Then Jethro Tull came on. I thought the vocals of Ian Anderson were a bit off today. Didn’t have the same effect as before. BUt the rest of the band was brilliant. They played a lot of their old stuff . They played ‘Living in the past’ , ‘My Sunday Feeling’ and ‘Heavy Horses’ . They also played R. R. Kirk’s jazz classic  ‘Serenade to a cuckoo’ .Then came  ‘Too old to rock and roll, too young to die ‘ ( which was dedicated to Sir Mick Jagger). They then played an abridged 6 minute version of Thick as  a brick  which was brilliant. They ended their set with ‘Aqualung’ .

The third set was by far the best. Jethro Tull and Anoushka Shankar played together . The first two songs were new compositions  . One was titled ‘Tea with Anoushka ‘  and the other was a very folksy , beautiful track called ‘Celtic Craddle’ . Then they played an awesome version of ‘Mother Goose’ (another very old song). They then played ‘Bourree’ , originally composed by Johann Sebastion Bach .  Anoushka Shankar was brilliant on this one. The combination of sitar , flute and block  flute was awesome to hear. Then they played a track from Anoushka Shankar’s album ‘Breathing Underwater’ . They then thanked everyone and walked off.

Just as the Pseudo fans had reached the door  , the lights went out and John O’ Harra played the iconic keyboard intro to ‘Locomotive Breath’ . The crowd went berserk . Everyone was on their feet . All the musicians (including Anoushka Shankar’s sath musicians ) came on stage and played a long and arguably the best version of  ‘Locomotive Breath’ ever played. The one song was better than the rest of the concert put together. Absolutely amazing. I can’t say anything else . I’ve run out of words to say how brilliant it was.

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3 Responses to Tull!

  1. nrlanga says:

    Dear Mr. Aditya

    I have just read some of your posts. I would like to read more from you.

    If you are interested in short stories and paintings, then a short visit to my blogs would be a good idea.

    Naval Langa

  2. Naval Langa says:

    Dear Mr. Aditya

    Thanks for visiting my blogspace.
    I an Ravishankerjee’s fa. Whenever I get time. I listen to his sitar playing. I have also heard Anuska’s fusion compositions.

    Naval Langa

  3. royce2222 says:


    Pls find rare footages of Jethro Tull with Anoushka Shankar from thier recent India Tour on youtube,




    A New Day Yesterday,
    Thick As A Brick,
    Heavy Horses,
    Tea With Anoushka (new IA/Shankar composition),
    Celtic Cradle (new IA/Shankar composition),
    Little Glass Folk (new IA/Shankar composition),
    Mother Goose,
    Locomotive Breath

    In case you wish a copy of this rare collrabration with Anoushka Shankar footage of all the above songs on DVD,pls do get in touch with me at royce2222@gmail.com.These footages have become collectors item and in great demand.

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