Lets get a few things straight

Slumdog Millionaire is NOT that great a movie. Danny Boyle is NOT a good director. Anil Kapoor is NOT a good actor. Dev Patel is NOT even an actor. Jai Ho is NOT a good song.

I cannot believe that movie won 4 Golden Globes. There is really othing that would merit such accolades. Considering that history shows that the Oscars and the Globes generally reward the same movies , I’m appaled that Slumdog has actually got a good chance to win the Oscar. Imagine.  Citizen Kane didn’t get the Best Picture Oscar , and Slumdog may just win. Sheh!

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4 Responses to Lets get a few things straight

  1. Harsh says:

    the fact that TDK didnt even get a best picture nomination and SM gets it, is a tragedy and apart frm Heath Ledger’s Joker nomination, there is nothing that interests me in this year’s Oscar awards!

  2. Kapeesh says:

    I disagree completely. Jai Ho is awesome!

  3. Aniket says:

    I beg to differ. Many, many crappier movies have won the Best Movie Oscar, let alone be nominated for it. I definitely feel SM is better than last year’s winner, No country… I agree that its surprising to see SM nominated, but its not that bad a choice.

  4. snehadas says:

    dude, leave dev patel out of the movie… he probably has years to get his acting right, till then the girls are happy with his boy-next-door looks

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