The Academy has lost it!

Thats it!  Now I’ve officially lost all faith in the oscars. Slumdog won the best picture oscar where it should definitely have gone to either frost/Nixon or Curious Case.  Danny Boyle getting the best Director Oscar was ridiculous especially when a genius like David Fincher was nominated for an absolutely brilliant film.

I have no issues with AR Rehman winning the Oscar for best , but i feel Jai Ho most surely didn’t deserve the award. I learnt in a recent quiz  that Subhash Ghai had rejected the song for use in Yuvvraj. Imagine . An idiot like Ghai an figure out that the song has nothing in it , and the academy cant. O saaya was a much better song and  definitely should have got the award.

I do have issues with AR Rehman winning thr award for Best Score. Slumdog? Best Score? Are you kidding me? It was horrible!Yuck!

Slumdog winning the best Adapted screenplay over Curious case? <Insert large collection of expletives here>

I’m also kinda pissed about Wall.E getting the award for best animated feature. I hated it . Couldn’t get past the first half hour! Kung Fu Panda deserved the award.

Sheh! The academy has gone the Film fare way. Most popular film wins.

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