Two great concerts and three hours of horrible horrible noise

Thursday: I went to Shisha to see the Blues band  Smokestack perform. They put on a great show. Played mostly originals . The bassist took over on vocals for a few songs in avery BB King -esque voice with the typical BB style “Oh Lordy Lord!” wails in the middle. They also broke into ‘Whipping post’ all of a sudden in the middle of their original. They were joined by Koko from the awesome rock band Agni (and sadly also from the horrible sell out indi-pop band Agnee) and the gig got even more brilliant.

Friday : Went to Mazda hall in Sardar Dastur primary school to watch the Auer Quartet (named for renowned violinist Leopold Auer) from Hungary perform. The concert was organised by the Poona Music society in association with the Hungarian Informaion and Cultural centre. The String quartet  played three compositions:  one by Joseph Haydn , one by Laszlo Lajtha and one by Felix Mendelsohn. The show was brilliant. There were no mikes so it was all natural sound. And the acoustics at Mazda hall are excellent. Had a great time . Also the concert costs only 20 bucks . So if your free next Friday do drop by . It’s totally worth it.

Saturday: My friends convinced me to go to Flags (which is now a lounge) with them on Saturday night. And as soon as I entered , I got the ‘what the hell was I thinking??’  feeling. Three hours of trance and rap and other ridiculous crap people like to  call music.  Three of the worst hours of my life. Never ever again.

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