Its been about two weeks now that I’ve been at XLRI , Jamshedpur . So far it seems to be a great place . Beautiful campus (amazing cleanliness) , excellent  facilities and of course very nice people . I can hardly say the same about the city of Jamshedpur though. The city basically consists of two roads . There are a few good restaurants but very limited possibilities. I guess its something we’ll learn to live with. There are two things really worth seeing in Jamshedpur : Dimna lake and Jubilee park . I’ve sadly shown remarkable lack of foresight and seen both in the first week itself. Both the experiences were great though. Dimna lake is beautiful especially in the evenings. The fact that it rained that day added to the experience. Jubilee park itself isn’t all that great . But we did go for the Laser show. The pre-show music noise was the choicest of Dhinchak sidey Hindi numbers which may have prompted me to act in a slightly inappropriate way . The show seemed to be pretty good. The extremely low expectations that I had  in the first place may have contributed to this perception. But seriously , the show was actually pretty decent. Nothing compared to the Shaniwarwada show but c’mon , this is Jamshedpur.

The one thing that I really have to bitch about is the weather. It’s sweltering hot here and to add to the misery the humidity seldom goes below 80-90% which means we risk death by dehydration everyday. The rains have also been delayed this year (experts blame the awesomely named ‘Cyclone Aila’). Lets hope the rains come soon and bring some solace.

That’s all for now. I don’t how much I’ll get to blog given all that I’ve heard about the B-school lifestyle , but I’ve try to post at least twice a week .

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