Its called a ‘test’ godammit!!

My current college and my old college are world apart. There is almost nothing that is common between them. HOwever there is one very irritating similarity . The fact that both the colleges like to call ‘tests’ [as in the kind where you study and write and get marks for which go on your academic  record] as ‘quizzes’ .

I would really like to give a piece of my mind to the person who cameup with the idiotic terminology. Quiz is a hobby. Its timepass . Its FUN. Tests are NOT!!

Call a test a test. Why do you need to screw up the reputation of quizzing by associating it with academics ?

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One Response to Its called a ‘test’ godammit!!

  1. Harsh says:

    I swear dude, i used to get majorly pissed off with the term “quiz” being used in COEP! I hope the profs out there at least r better than COEP, which isnt sayin much coz COEP was like as low as the bar can go down to.

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