The (real) Nobel Prizes

Who cares who actually won the Nobel Prizes?  Its obvious that those who thoroughly deserved them were nonchalantlyoverlooked by the evil Institutes that decide the winners of these Great Prizes.

So here is the list of those great souls who deserved the Nobel Prize but were cruelly denied this year.

Peace: Barack Obama – for NOT attcking Iran

Literature: Barack Obama – for his succinctly written tweet which described  in 144 charcaters what a twit Kanye West is.

Chemistry: Barack Obama – for proving the hollow, full-of-gas  nature of US presidential promises especially in relation with a certain country called Afganistan.

Physics: Barack Obama -for disproving Newton’s third law by provoking a much larger reaction than action in the form of an exclaimation of  ‘You Lie!’ from a respected public personality.

Medicine: Barack Obama – for being from so many countries that people all over the world think they’ve a right on him.

Economics: Barack Obama – for single handedly halving the demand for professional torturers and sensible CEOs

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