Vasantrao, Hello Cthulhu and Poe

Its wierd but I always tend to blog a lot more frequently when my arse is on fire. Like now for instance. This term is quite easily the toughest term for us in the HR course at XLRI. But here i am blogging at 1:30 am. Now that I am starting to experience the no-time-to-breath B-school life that everyone talks about, the lack of other pursuits or the paucity of time to pursue the same is accentuated. My average music listening time has come down from 8 hrs a day to a measly four! I haven’t read a single book since comign here. I started reading a Pratchett but soemthing kept coming up and now I’ve just given up on the idea of reading a book. So now I have started reading short stuff. Mostly poems and short stories (i have reduced the number of essays, newspapers and online encyclopedias i read: if anyone needed any more proof that my brain cells are dying).

I now spend most of my leisure time in listening to Vasantrao Deshpande. i had previously only heard others covering his work. NOw that i’ve heard him, I have to say , ‘The man is god!’ . Absolutely brilliant!

One of my new favourite webcomics is ‘Hello Cthulhu’. I totally love the juxtaposition of evil God and everything cute. I strongly recommend it. To appreciate it you, of course, need to have heard of Hello Kitty and Cthulhu. If you haven’t read up on them first. Otherwise it’s no fun.

And as everyone must know from my facebook status message, I have started reading a lot of Poe. The Raven is now one of my all time favourite poems. In case you are interested : this is a great site for poe fans.

So when will i get time to do worthwhile stuff for respectable periods of time again? I hope not ‘nevermore’.

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