Liverpool jokes

The Telegraph has an article about the shambles Liverpool are in . Some of the better jokes:

1. Alberto Aquilani is like having a ‘Z’ in Scrabble. You wait forever for your chance to cash in, by which point everyone else is miles ahead.

2. Given the entertainment on offer, you can see why Liverpool fans now take toys to games.

3. David Ngog is not fit to wear the shirt. Or, in fact, sell the shirt in the club shop.

4. Rafa Benitez plans all subs in advance of kick-off, rather than analysing and utilising his bench options to change its course. Why else would he take off Yossi Benayoun?

5. Steven Gerrard pulls his groin so often because his team-mates aren’t good enough to pass the bloody thing to his feet.

6. Andriy Voronin’s one meaningful role is to make Lucas’ hairstyle look less awful.

7. That gives Voronin one meaningful role more than Ryan Babel.

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