The many faces of Ackhmed

Ackhmed the dead terrorist: Silence! I kill you!

Ackhmed the waiter : Silence! I bill you!

Ackhmed the poultry farmer : Silence! I cull you!

Ackhmed the casino owner: Silence! I deal you!

Ackhmed the electrician : Silence! I drill you!

Ackhmed the creepy guy: Silence! I feel you!

Ackhmed the messiah : Silence! I heal you!

Ackhmed the machine operator: Silence! I mill you!

Ackhmed the boxer: Silence! I maul you!

Ackhmed the fruit seller: Silence! I peel you!

Ackhmed the porcupine: Silence! I quill you!

Ackhmed the cameraman : Silence! I reel you!

Ackhmed the plumber: Silence! I seal you!

Ackhmed the molten steel guy: Silence! I spill you!

Ackhmed the butcher: Silence! I veal you!

Ackhmed the zionist: Silence! I zeal you!

In case you are one of the last three people in the world uncool enough to not have heard of Ackhmed the dead terrorist , first kill yourself and then visit this link.

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