Kritansh 2010 quizzes

It’s been a long time since I’ve done this and I just felt like writing a review of a couple of quizzes.

The quizzes happened at KIIT , a ridiculously oversized place in Bhubaneshwar and were conducted by Mitesh Agarwal.

The General quiz:

The gen quiz started at about 1 pm. The quiz started with an excellent 36 question elim. The elim had a theme , with negs! This I thought was a bad idea. A +5 on the theme would pretty much qualify a team even if they get 5 answers less than the others. Elims really shouldn’t have negs and should simply be about people getting the the most answers correct. Also there is the potential logistical nightmare.

The final was massive. It had something like eight rounds. A total of about 75 questions. The quality of the questions was maintained throughout and overall the QM did an awesome job of both setting and conducting the quiz. The tremendous effort put in by the QM was evident with written rounds, an A-Z round , anagram rounds, a connect , a theme and also dry questions.

This was the first time I have seen the ‘steal’ format used in an open  quiz of this magntude. It turned out pretty well. The only issue I had was that every team got a direct instead of the passing continuing in Infinite Bounce. But this was a minor issue as the steal format takes care of most of this.

Incidently , we won.

The business quiz.

The business quiz started with a 33 question elim with an inbuilt acrostic. Tremendous effort on the part of the QM, and the result was a cracker of an elims. The elims and the quiz in general was very gen-friendly (which is why I enjoyed it!) .

The finals here was slightly shorter – about 60 questions. I loved the fact that the QM took his time and didn’t rush through. He also extended the ‘deadline’ for ending the quiz by half an hour and we ended the quiz at 10:10 pm.

There was a constant quality level maintained throughout the quiz which is commendable considering that this is over 200 questions we are talking about.

We fared surprisingly well in this quiz. Our progressive reactions were as follows: “Fuuuuuuuuck , we qualified!” ; ” Fuuuuuuck , we arenot last!” ; ” Fuuuuuuuuck , we’re in the top three!” ; ” Dude! we actually finished second in a Business quiz! Fuuuuuuuuuck!!!”

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3 Responses to Kritansh 2010 quizzes

  1. Ritwam says:

    Hi Aditya,

    Can you post some Questns from the Prelims & Finals of the Business Quiz


  2. MANAS NAYAK says:

    Congrats for winning the quiz.Unfortunately same day I was having my office and thus failed to attend.If possible,plz do share some questions.Have you ever heard abt not,visit and give me a feedback to improvise it further?

  3. Aditya G says:

    Sorry Ritwam , publishing someone else’s questions is really not something I’d like to do without the concerned person’s permission.

    Manas , you missed an awesome couple of quizzes. as for the site , you could probably publish answers for the old questions along with the question itself (edit that particular post) . Makes it easier to read.

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