A couple of random rants

This year’s IPL is even more glitzy, more glamorous and even less ‘cricket’ than last year’s edition. IPL has become the carnival of the nation. Let’s hope it remains so and does not actually start be taken seriously. Now-a-days these buggers show advertisements in the middle of the over, between balls! While the commentators talking to a guy fielding at say deep leg is fine, now they talk to the umpires! Everything has become louder, less elegant and quite frankly rather garish. I guess it’s only a matter of time till the IPL self destructs – with so much money, so much coverage there seems to be no other end to the IPL.

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed the Havells’ ad with the hangman makes no sense at all. The fact that they have gone through all that trouble to come up with an ad for lights where much simpler concepts would have done wonders astounds me. Who the hell made that ad? And who the hell agreed to pay money for it?

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2 Responses to A couple of random rants

  1. Yash says:

    Exactly what I (and probably everyone else who isn’t a film star, cricketer or Lalit Modi) was thinking. Is the advertising there to support the “cricket” or the “cricket” to support the advertising?

    As for the Havell’s ad, I think we can excuse them for this one, considering the others are pretty good.

  2. Gurdit says:

    The concept of the ads in the middle of the over astounded me too. Disgusting, really. And the umpires…sad to see that the umpires are now being reduced to the announcers one normally sees/hears in boxing matches, with the loud-speaker mic, going “Mr. XXX, are you ready?…Mr. YYY, are you ready?…PEOPLE OF ZZZ, ARE YOU READY?” Gah!

    Also, don’t know which Havell’s ad you are talking about.

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