The bestest book you will never read

Pune/Wolfenbüttel. 19th April 2010, Times Live Blogs News Network

Have you ever felt lazy but did not know what to do? Have you ended up taking effort after feeling lazy about doing something?
We have just the thing for you! Presenting ‘The Bhat-Gadre Guide to Structured Laziness’
This tome to be written by Kaustubh Bhat and Aditya Gadre is the one stop shop for everything to do with laziness.
Who better than the two laziest souls in the universe to write such a book ? IF you don’t believe us on their expertise on the matter just look at their total lack of qualifications. Do you think anyone who was even remotely hardworking would have such unimpressive credentials? No? We didn’t think so.

Wonderful thing this book is too.

For one it will have “There IS an easier way” written on the cover and every page in large friendly letters.

It will contain three parts: the first will have several inspiring write ups about detailed mathematical formulae to help you figure out the least effort solution. The second, philosophical discourses which will help you achieve cosmic satisfaction in spite of doing nothing at all and the third, cryptic messages as, by this time, we expect the two authors to have gotten bored of writing full sentences.

Buy this book! You will not regret it.

Huh? What?

uhh , ok…

Disregard everything you just read. Our readers, the two of them who actually have any brains at all, point out a crucial flaw in this piece of news. They point out the previous work of the these two not-so-notable authors titled ,“The Bhat-Gadre Law of Procrastination “ which states that nothing should be done if a slack time in which it can be postponed exists. Since in this case, the slack time is basically the duration of these people’s lives, it leads us to an interesting paradox. Every time they sit to write this book, one of them is bound to say, “You know what, no hurry. Let’s do this tomorrow”. This means the book will basically never be written. This paradox is similar to the one where if we keep travelling half the earlier distance one travelled one would never reach the destination. The only difference is that the journey wouldn’t start at all in this case.

The two authors are not available for comment now.


Okay, our intelligent readers now point out that they probably are available for comment but are too lazy to press the green button on their phones. This is a direct corollary to the “Bhat-Gadre Theory of Activity-Timeworthinesss disequivalence”. Once again thanks to our smart readers and sorry to all of you.

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5 Responses to The bestest book you will never read

  1. Mukta says:

    you write awesome 😀

  2. Yash Marathe says:

    Clearly, this blogpost violates all these laws. You’ve typed this in when you could have used one of those speech converter thingies instead (violates the law of laziness); you’ve posted this on the exact same day the article appeared in the papers (violates the law of procrastination); and most incriminating of all, you’ve posted it on a blog that 20 people might read and 3 might comment (violates the theory of activity-timeworthinesss disequivalence).

    Of course, all these laws are void if the only other option is having to participate in a business quiz with Mayukh and Jerry Maguire as your teammates at a venue where IPL is broadcasted with only Danny Morrison and Sivaramakrishnan in commentary with the MRF blimp floating overhead and Britney Spears and Amy Winehouse playing live in concert.

    • Aditya says:

      You see, to acquire one of those things would take me so much effort that this was actually the least effort solution.
      And this post is written like someone is talking. So no published in papers or anything. This blogpost is also my post popular and has taken my blog past 15,000 hits so it was worth it.

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