You’ve been HRed

I coined a new term the other day. This term just came naturally in conversation. No explanations were needed. Everyone at the table understood it. So here goes:

HRed : been told something ridiculous that seems remotely believable at first glance

Usage: You’ve been HRed! ; He totally HRed you! ; Don’t try to HR me, bitch!

Example: A asks B how to improve the quality of tea in his office. B says it is to be done by increasing the motivation levels of the chaiwallah which in turn can be done by incentivising his work by initiating a feedback mechanism thus enabling him to get views from a variety of people who may avail of his service. Of course this may be done, and even seems believable, but then you think and find that this would cost your company about half your yearly budget and just change the chaiwallah or give him instructions on how to improve the tea (put more sugar, boil it for longer etc, use real milk etc). If A buys B’s bullshit, C could come in and say “Dude, You’ve been HRed!”

Research has indicated that in some parts of the world, HR also has a synonym called ‘gas’. Gas is very similar. However gas is just stating the obvious in very circumlocutory language, and not actually saying anything completely ridiculous. But then, there are some researchers (names not mentioned to protect my arse from a libel suit) who contend that gas and HR is basically the same thing. This will never be proved however as beyond a point no sane person would actually continue with this research.

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7 Responses to You’ve been HRed

  1. Som says:

    You gashead!…concept is plagiarized from the “lawyered” description of Marshall(for noObs ..its from HIMYM)

    Still since you are completely vella…aal izz waell ^_^

  2. Aditya G says:

    I don’t watch that gay senti bullshit. So had no idea of this. I didn’t even know that lawyered is from HIMYM or what the definition is for that matter. So someone else (who i actually trust) is gonna have to confirm your allegation 🙂

  3. Abhishek Joshi says:

    I corroborate Som’s story.

  4. Som says:

    Baldie bitch got HRed 😛

  5. Divya says:

    Hilariousss!! Keep them coming. God bless your internship:P

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