Hyderabad diary

So this post has a been a long time coming. For those of you who are still jobless enough to be readers who don’t know, I’ve been doing my summer internship in Hyderabad. My time in Hyderabad has been quite good so far. I feel at home in the dry heat, and its a welcome change from the humidity of Jamshedpur. I’ve been to a few very nice places here, sadly however they’ve all been food joints. I have to still do the touristy things, y’know like Charminar, Ramoji filmcity, Hussain sagar etc . I guess I’ll do them before leaving in June.

A few thoughts about Hyderabad, some positive, some negative:

1. The movie theatres are very cheap compared to Pune or Bombay or even Calcutta for that matter. A night show on a weekend cost us Rs 100 for the ticket. The same in Bombay would have been about 250.
2. The biryani is good, but frankly nothing all that great. I have had biryani that is at least as good in Pune at places at GoodLuck or Qutbi. The Kababs however are excellent and something to remember.
3. People here have taken an oath to kill all pedestrians. People drive pretty badly as is the case with most cities in India (somehow everyone seems to think the drivers of their city are the worst), but they are absolutely murderous when it comes to pedestrians. Cars have actually gone out of their way to try to run me over.
4. People have no idea of distances or directions in this town. Seriously. According to anybody you ask, all places are “Just down the road, just round the corner” when they actually are “first left, then straight past the cemetary, then second right, then a U turn and 4th left followed by an elevated road stretching for 4 kms”. Direction giving is just not evolved in this city.
5. There seems to be no live music here. Like nothing at all.
6. This place has some of the best pan you’ll ever have.
7. There is a quiz club here called the K circle, which meets every weekend. Which is awesome! But they meet on Saturdays so I can’t go. Just my luck.

Anyway, thats all for now. More updates soon.

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One Response to Hyderabad diary

  1. Sneha Das says:

    Heh! I like point 4. I think I’ll settle down there as I’d gel in the crowd 🙂

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