How maaz prevents road accidents in Pune

Before explaining the exact correlation, I feel I need to make a few clarifications about maaz.

Some equate maaz with ‘attitude’. They couldn’t be more wrong. ‘Attitude’ could be looked at as ‘a feeling of superiority’ i.e the “I-am-awesome” belief. However maaz goes well beyond this. Well in maaz, it’s not enough that “I-am-awesome”, the “You-suck” belief also kicks in.

That “I-am-awesome-and-you-are-an-idiot” is a fundamental fact of the universe to a person exhibiting Maaz. Basically, other than true Punekars, no one really holds this belief, due to which if Maaz is ever used with geographical indicator it’s always “Puneri Maaz”

So there. Maaz can’t really be defined.  To know what it means you need to live in Pune for a few years and of course learn the Marathi language (which the language in which maaz is most effective)

Of course it does not mean Maaz is a bad thing. Pune may have the highest accident rate in the country*. However look at it this way, considering that Pune does not have the infrastructure to hold so many vehicles, it could be way worse. Add to this the fact that Pune has the highest number of two wheelers in the country even though it has only 3 million people and you get what I mean. The accident rate by mere probability should be much much higher. But it’s not. Why? Maaz.

Because of the massive amounts of maaz all Punekars (including me) have , everyone assumes that everyone else will drive like a complete idiot. So even though most people on the road drive horribly, everyone else has already expected this and made the necessary changes. Thus you don’t see a hundred accidents every 3 feet in Pune, when if you see the way people drive , you really should.

So you see, all of us are safer because of maaz. Isn’t it a wonderful thing?

*My theory is that this is entirely the fault of those damned Amits who don’t possess maaz and make do simply with attitude, which clearly does not work.

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7 Responses to How maaz prevents road accidents in Pune

  1. Abhishek Joshi says:

    great post! Totally lame… rotflmao!

  2. Abhishek says:

    I have so much maaz that I assume everyone else’s suppositions about other people’s maaz causes them to drive carefully, hence I’m free to drive recklessly. Game Theory FTW! (and don’t tell me that you go one level further. Your puny mind could never do the computations.)

  3. Aditya G says:

    The point is that everyone in pune has the same amount of maaz as you (actually a 2 year old from sadashiv peth would have more maaz than all of coep put together. So yes, everyone does go ones step further. Also all people drive recklessly, but those who drive recklessly assume that the others on the road are idiots and hence watch out.

  4. sadashivpetis: ur moment of fame…gadre certifies u’ll the best drivers/riders( which I testify for based on post-Savai escape madness.)

  5. Sandip Gangakhedkar says:

    Hoy Gadre! Very entertaining fact this characteristic should be explored beyond mere motoGP skills..maybe it could be a whole series celebrating the quirks (and awesomeness) of the Puneri spirit 🙂

  6. Sneha says:

    So,from the above theories I say maaz is good..such a great way to boost my maaz 🙂

    P.S: Don’t be surprised if puneri MNS wing contact you as to how you can (jointly) further this area of research 🙂

  7. Mikami says:

    😀 its actually true. My papa drives slower than the cyclists on the road, hurling the choicest curses left and right at the guys on the motorcycles – because of them he has to be extra careful.

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