Hyderabad Diary – Vol 2

My stay in Hyderabad is almost over and now is the right time to write about some stuff i missed out on in the last post on Hyderabad.

Since then I have been to several touristy places here.

Lumbini park: The park itself is very boring for anyone above the age of 5 but then you get boat rides to the Buddha Statue in the middle of Hussain Sagar lake. The 50 feet tall statue is awesome especially at night.

Charminar: The famed structure, almost synonymous with Hyderabad, was built in 1593 to celebrate the end of a deadly plague. It may also have been to commemorate the shifting of the capital of the Qutb Shah Wali Dynasty from Golconda to Hyderabad. Anyway, it’s a really nice structure. The balconies are beautiful. The view of the ‘Mecca mosque’ nearby is breathtaking. Four massive gates are there on each of the roads leading to the Charminar which also can be seen from the balconies. The entry is paid due to which the Charminar is reasonably well-maintained as compared to the rest of the neighbourhood.

Salarjung Museum: This is something everyone coming to Hyderabad should visit. It is awesome. Some things in the collection are simply amazing. Rooms I’d recommend very strongly are the Ivory room (on one hand very, very beautiful, on the other horrendous to think how many elephants died to make those figurines and ornaments), the Swords Room (which also contains maces, mallets, shields, knives and guns), the Western Gallery (which contains the awesome double statue – Mephistopholes in the front and Margaret at the back) and most of all see the Veiled Rebecca statue by Giovanni Benzoni. It is simply mind-blowing. I swear i have never seen a more detailed statue ever. Every thread of the her veil is visible, every fold, every minor ornamentation is visible.

That is about it really. I didn’t get a chance to see Ramoji film city and Golconda fort (both of which are apparently horrible to see in the summer) but covered most other things on the list.

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