One last time

As I sit here writing this post, the watch tells me it is 4:17 in the morning on my last day at XL. I leave this place for the last time as a student in a few hours from now. And now, in these last few hours, the depression is really starting to kick in. Every moment , every simple action strikes me as ‘the last time I do this in XL’ – the last parantha from Bishuda, the last cup of tea, the last visit to El-top, the last look at the glorious campus from my awesomely placed room.

I loved my school (Loyola, Pune), but when I left to go to college, it was no real big deal. The same was the case when I passed out of COEP. In these places, my friends were my friends and my family was my family. I always went out to my friends but every night, I came home to my family. I went to college, but i stayed at home. At XL, my friends were my family. Even when I came back home, it was the stay at home that was temporary – the permanent was going back to XL. I guess spending every waking hour with those  people does foster some kind of nexus, and that is why I am finding it difficult to put down in words how much I am going to miss this place.

The attempt to list down the things that I will miss here is futile – there are just too many of them. Too many memorable experiences, too many great people.

Now as I sit here typing away on the laptop, sitting on my bed in room 414 for the last time, ready to leave campus, my home for the last two years, I listen to the song with seems most apt for this occasion – XL meri jaan.

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4 Responses to One last time

  1. Architha says:

    Just read this. Our posts are eerily similar! 🙂 Lovely and well written Gadre!

  2. Abhishek says:

    finally they drilled some emotion into you 🙂 good luck with all!

  3. My eyes welled up when I saw off Gupta a couple of days back. He was the LAST of us to leave. I am at XL now, in my office(which you never got to see), and it is terribly lonely here. Not like #402 TSTMR, you know, when anyone would barge in at any time of the day. Nobody comes barging into my room here. Nobody comes to put their hands over my eyes when I’m sitting at the computer, or ruffles my hair, or calls me for tea, or walks in on the pretext of saying hello and finishes off all the water, nor is there the mess to clean up after a party. Sigh.

  4. Gurdit says:

    Dude! I was relying on you not to get senti! 😦

    You know…it was a strange thing. When I left after the exams, I stripped my room down. Took down all the posters and packed almost everything away. So when I went back for convo, it didn’t hurt so bad. I kept pushing away the “this is the last…” thought from my mind this time. I guess it helped. It also helped that I had family at Jampot this time, and my mind was more pre-occupied with making sure they were comfortable and stuff. 🙂

    But yeah, gonna miss a lot of things about XL 🙂

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