Personal vs Public

My blog is, well as normal a blog as any– it can be accessed by anyone around the world with a net connection. There is no way I can really control who views my blog or not without making it a glorified shared google doc.

On the other hand, is facebook. I have 800 odd friends on facebook. Anything posted on facebook gets a few ‘likes’ in a few seconds. This is normally followed by a few perfunctory comments which don’t really mean anything but are made for the sake of making a comment. This tells Facebook that this is a popular story and it shows this to all my friends and all the friends of the friends who commented or liked my post. Now my post is read by over 500 people. Not just read, but discussed, critiqued and made fun of.

Thus I consider Facebook as the public forum and my blog as the personal forum. Anything that is too close to me goes on the blog without a plug anywhere, for I know only my loyal readers (a miniscule number mostly comprising of close friends) will read and not every tom dick and harry.

Isn’t it funny? The world wide web, billions strong, is more personal than a social networking site where I have less than a 1000 friends.

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6 Responses to Personal vs Public

  1. Abhishek Joshi says:

    haha! Well said! You’ll have more comments on facebook about this link than you will over here. 😀

  2. Ramanand says:

    One important reason is the difference in the potential effort for acting and reacting. I read your blog via RSS. To comment (like this) I have to open the blog post. I then have to write in (like this). On FB, it’s a lot easier to simply hit ‘like’ or type in a 1/2 line comment.

    Similarly, for you to post like this, you have to open wordpress or blogger, start a new post, put in a title, type and publish. Whereas on FB, all you need to do is go to the open text box, type, and hit enter.

    Which means I now know that if you take the trouble of writing a post, you probably had something more important than a fleeting tale of minutiae (otherwise, you’d have used FB or Twitter). So the ease of the medium actually helps me make a filtering decision.

    So to those taking the trouble out to write a comment, you should be grateful. It’s not easy, you know 😉

  3. Gurdit says:

    And then, of course, there are comments like the following, which are as bad as comments or “likes” on facebook:
    This is a comment. I read your post. I followed it from facebook and read it.


    Lighten up, man. Facebook-bashing is growing old. Comments may not mean a thing on facebook to you, but that’s because of the way you’ve positioned your blog. If you want your blog posts to be read and discussed, you can get plugins that put your posts directly on your wall. There’s nothing wrong with using facebook as a medium to publicise your blog, if that’s what you want.

    Also, stop being all snobbish and snooty. A lot of times, there’s nothing much to say about what you read. “Liking” something is a simple, non-verbose (don’t you appreciate the brevity, you hypocrite?) manner of acknowledging something.

    Of course, I’d rather have a proper comment on my blog than a like on facebook, but I’ll take what I can get, because I like the feedback. It keeps reminding me about who’s reading my blog, and that helps when you write a post.

    PS: Considering you understand the effort taken by people to write a comment on a blog post (assumption drawn from previous comment), you ought to reply to every comment on your blog. I stop commenting on blogs when I find that the author doesn’t acknowledge my comment.

    • Aditya says:

      1. I was not being snobbish , snooty or even anti-facebook. This was not a facebook bashing post. It was mere observation that facebook (which is blocked to everyone but 1000 odd contacts) actually reaches more people than my blog (which is open for everyone).

      2. I of all people know that there is nothing wrong with using facebook to publicise the blog. I never said it was. Thats practically all I do on facebook other than quizzing and wisecracks.

      3. I understand the effort it takes for people to comment on the blog. But I don’t see how it makes any difference if I acknowledge them or not. If the comment is such that I should ack it , I do.

      If its a “Nice”, I don’t. Simply because I don’t care about the “Like”‘s and the “nice”‘s. If your comment just tells me that you like or don’t like my post, I don’t respond and I don’t expect others to respond to my comments which say nothing more than whether I like the post or not.

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