Freedom … yeah, right!

So Lelyveld said Gandhi was bisexual. So what? We ask the book be banned? Gujarat has already done it and Maharashtra is contemplating the same.

First most basic question. What is the big deal about being bisexual? It’s a personal choice. Let him be.

And second,  even if the chap did say something bad about Gandhi, say he said the Mahatma was big time into opium or something, would that change our view of him as a freedom fighter?

Dear people of India, sorry to break this to you, but Gandhi was human. Fucking live with it. Treat him with respect for things that he did for you, don’t bring his personal life into it.

George Best was a known alcoholic, chain smoker and womaniser. Do we hold that against him while naming him as one of the greatest footballers ever? No.

Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jimmy Page, Jim Morrison, The Bealtles, The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, and a hundred others from that generation – All drug addicts. Do we hold that against them while making lists of the greatest musicians ever? No.

Hell, even Bhimsen Joshi and Vasantrao Deshpande were known to be alcoholics. Yet, no one hesitates in naming them as two of the greatest Hindustani vocalists of all time.

Roman Polanski is a rapist. Does that make his movies any less awesome? No.

Their personal lives and problems are just that – personal. We can critique their work as much as we like, but none of us have a right to even pass judgement on what we think of them as people, without personal interaction.

And banning something because you don’t like what it says is absolutely ridiculous. It insults the intelligence of the entire population, by treating them like kids who cannot make their own decisions and choices about their likes and dislikes. I leave you with this wonderful talk by Philip Pullman, which was in reaction to the title of his book “ The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ” (Lovely book, I strongly recommend it)

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One Response to Freedom … yeah, right!

  1. abhishek joshi says:

    I think that we want all our public figures to be absolutely infallible, untainted, demi-gods. It’ll take time but the idealist in me is tempted to think quite a few of us are opening up to the fact that they indeed are human. A few generations down the line, things should be better. Until then, majority wins, I guess.

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