Dear Barca ‘fans’

I feel it is my moral duty to educate these people and hence this post.

FC Barcelona of 2009-11 is the Chelsea of 2005-07, the Madrid of the early 2000s and Man Utd of the late 1990s. They are the team with the big stars, the team that wins everything, and hence also the team with the largest number of supposed fans whose choice of football club to support is based on the sports page headlines in TOI.

So Dear Barca ‘fans’,

I need to tell you a few things. Its for your own good. I am protecting you from gross embarassment, twitter outrage and nasty jokes.

First things first, 700 passes in a game is not indicative of how well a team played. In Barca’s case it is invariably indicative of how well they succeeded in boring the crap out of the opposition. So please stop harping on about how Barca completed more than double the passes United did. Both clubs have extremely different styles of playing. Man Utd were never competing with Barca on the ‘passes completed’ statistic. And in general, numbers don’t do justice to a game and are no way of judging one.

Also, do stop yapping on about how Barca ‘put United in its place’ – United were always the underdogs, and every United fan with half a brain will acknowledge this. This result was expected. Barca now is like Steve Waugh’s Australia – they are a team that needs to take special efforts to lose a game.

Being a die hard United fan for over 13 years,  I will be the first to say that Barca have a far superior team and man for man, United are not good enough to beat them. They have far better players in almost all positions and if they wanted, they could easily outclass United. But this was not seen at the Champions League final. All three goals were major defensive errors which schoolboys would be ashamed of. Nothing brilliant about them whatsoever. We have seen Barca’s brilliance multiple times, but this game was not one of those instances. You obviously won’t have noticed this, as the only football you have actually watched comprises the 3 minute youtube video titled “The best of Messi” made to the background music of Blur’s Song no2 by some bored Norwegian school kid.

And one last thing. Do figure out who Frank Rijkaard is.

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5 Responses to Dear Barca ‘fans’

  1. Kaustubh says:

    I will agree to most of what you have said here considering the target audience you had in mind before writing this post. I will also concede to a little “bias” in opinion considering that you have been big United fan for a long time. But two of the points you mention here, are, in my opinion, not good “education” (assuming that you indeed want to educate people through this).
    While I admit that the gazillion passes Barcelona managed to complete are not, and should not be, an indication of how well a team plays, I do feel that it is wrong to say that it “bores the crap out of the opposition”. I rather think it is a mockery of the highest order (“Take the ball if you can” kind of thing). It simply does not allow the opposition to build a rhythm of any sort.
    Also, “nothing brilliant whatsoever” is a bit harsh. Although it was not up to the standards they have set during the last few months, I would say that it takes skill to induce that kind of a disarray among the opposition defence. Messi’s goal was served to him on a platter, but Villa’s goal was brilliant.

    • Aditya says:

      ‘Bores the crap out of the opposition’ is just my opinion on possession football in general. Its not how i feel football should be played.
      I never said they were bad goals. Good goals, especially from Messi and Villa – but there is a difference between ‘good’ and ‘brilliant’

  2. Lovely piece!
    Same goes for Schumi “Fans” & South Africa “Fans” (albeit these normally have a shelf life of )!! 🙂

  3. Yash Marathe says:

    Forget Rijkaard, Barca “fans” should find out who Carles Rexach is. The team under him played some of the most God-awful shit I’ve ever seen. They were an embarrassment to beautiful football. Secondly, before people start shouting “Mes Que Un Club”, they should understand what it means. If you aren’t Catalan and support Barcelona, then you support just “Un Club”. And lastly, 10,000 passes isn’t the only way to win a football game, it can be won just as well without the ball, as Inter proved last year. Now I know some Barca “fans” want to moan about the quality of football we put on display, but last I checked, the 2010 Champions League was worth just the same as the 2011 edition.

    Oh, and for the record, I think Barca thoroughly outplayed United. Except for the first 10 minutes which they seemed to use as a gauge for United’s tactics, Fergie’s men never had a prayer, not even at 1-1. Starting Carrick, and not Fletcher and leaving Berbatov off the bench meant SAF was looking for a 0-0 or 1-1 and then we’ll see what happens in ET/penalties kind of game.

    • Aditya says:

      Yes, true. Barca did deserve to win. My only point was that they weren’t the brilliant exponents of beautiful football as their ‘fans’ think they were.
      My only complaint this time, just as last time, was that Man Utd never gave themselves a chance – as you rightly pointed out. They were playing for a draw.

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