The Routine

He walked down the familiar road towards the large structure at the end of it. This was where the routine began. Every morning, he would take this walk , the same route, the same destination, the same excitement every day. He was getting closer, he could now see the massive structure. He knew it had more rooms than he could count, so there was always something new to discover. He loved the fact that his the only thing predictable about the place was that he would be surprised by what he saw.
He reached the door. He drew a long breath and entered the large corridor. It was snowing. Millions of identical snowflakes fell from the ceiling. He was not the biggest fan of cold weather, so he promptly went into the same room he had entered last time. This one was considerably warmer, too warm actually, a  grizzly bear was reading by the fire. This place was not one to dwell for too long in one place. He went to the next room  which actually turned out to be a garden – dogs were running on the water while the tree watching TV complained about how much noise they were making. The heavens thundered. He looked around and saw that the melting clock on the wall showed the time to be 8:57. Now started the other predictable part – the rain. Computer mice started falling down from the sky, it got heavier and heavier. Then torrents of keys and then keyboards. Finally monitors and CPUs. He hated this part, after all who enjoys death. Every morning, he would die this way.

Then he would open his eyes, sit at his desk, type in his password, straighten his tie and start his day.

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3 Responses to The Routine

  1. Anonymous says:

    hey Gadre.. I love it too… i do have the bear but not the dogs ..

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