Fanboys , Haters #sameguys

I support Manchester United and I want them to win every match, but that certainly does not mean that I will defend Chicarito’s offside goal against Chelsea. Having watched a my share (and several other people’s share) of football , I have seen closer offside decisions called correctly and much more blatant offsides not getting caught. Just as it is ridiculous for me to defend United for a goal that should not have been given, it is ridiculous for people to say that United buy referees or that the mistake was intended in any way. If I defend United in this situation – it would make me a fanboy, but if someone says United buys refs that would make them a hater – and I fail to see how they are any different.

Both groups’ lines of argument are entirely based on whether they unconditionally love United, or unconditionally hate United and has nothing whatsoever to do with the sport of football – for if you have actually seen a ton of football matches, you too would have seen what I have seen – examples galore of worse mistakes and amazing moments of refereeing in the similar circumstances.

For me, if you are putting your heroes or the clubs you support above the love of the game, you are not a true sports fan. And of course, the converse is also true – mindless hatred of individuals or clubs is just as bad – somehow people don’t seem to get this.

Somehow people feel that folks mindlessly praising an individual or a club is a sign of , well, chutiyagiri, but the same people think mindlessly hating on an individual or a club is sign of intelligence. WTF!


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One Response to Fanboys , Haters #sameguys

  1. Neil says:

    Can’t agree more !!

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