Here we go again

If there is one line I have written on my blog a number of times knowing full well that I am lying its this one “Long time since I wrote something. Hoping to be more regular this time”

And here it comes again – more than a year since my last post. So writing something here after a while – or rather – I wrote this a while back and am just publishing this now.

Last year, I went on a trip to Europe which covered Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Montenegro and France. (I also stepped into Netherlands and Belgium once and on the way from Zagreb to Dubrovnik the bus stopped for a bit in Bosnia and Herzegovina – so 12 countries yay!)

A bunch of friends asked me about the trip and after a while I figured its best to just put it down on paper and send it to them. That piece written last year is what I am publishing now.  A good part of the motivation to write this piece was to record memories for myself and also to see if I could put down 10000 words on anything.

So here it is  – will be posting chapter by chapter to not overload people at the first go.

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