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Pointless words revisited

Remember this category? The one that pissed so many people off. Well , it’s not relevant anymore, but here’s proof of how these pointless words are not only useless, but in fact may have negative effects. Here’s why Hat … Continue reading

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Obscure trivia about a pointless word.

Did you know that ‘orrery’ which has featured on my pointless words category was named after Charles Boyle, 4th Earl of Orrery (1676-1731), for whom one was made ?

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Pointless words 4

Here are a few more: acapnotic: person who doesn’t smoke accouchement: the time or act of giving birth

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A reluctant response

I wasn’t planning on doing this but Avnish has put pressure on me to respond to Abhishek’s attack on our attack on pointless words. Avnish has made some pretty good points . Abhishek  particularly has taken to heart the posts … Continue reading

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Pointless words 3

Avnish has now outdone himself and come up a word that is so pointless that it makes  ‘orrery’  look very very useful. boustrophedon: written from right-to-left and left-to-right on alternate lines.

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Pointless words 2

Avnish gave me this word in the comments for the earlier post. I feel it is pointless enough to have it’s own entry. orrery  : clockwork model of solar system

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New Category – Pointless words

Now that I’m so confused with what I want to do in life , I’ve decided to give everything a shot. That means that I’ve recently started looking through material (my mom would have preferred the term ‘studying’ here) for … Continue reading

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