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Dear Tendlya

Dear Tendlya, Can I call you Tendlya? Or do you prefer Sachin? Either way – I have always referred to you in this fashion – like a friend, never as some Mr Tendulkar who plays cricket and has no direct … Continue reading

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Top sports moments of 2012

2012 has been a pretty big year for sports. I’ll put down my pick of a few of my favourite  sporting moments from this year in this post. Cavendish wins on the Champs Elysée The Tour de France is undoubtedly … Continue reading

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Fanboys , Haters #sameguys

I support Manchester United and I want them to win every match, but that certainly does not mean that I will defend Chicarito’s offside goal against Chelsea. Having watched a my share (and several other people’s share) of football , … Continue reading

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The Rooney episode

The Wayne Rooney episode is one that has elicited analyses and theories and gossip from football fans (and dumasses who just like to talk about football to sound cool) from all over the world. And why not? After all going … Continue reading

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A couple of random rants

This year’s IPL is even more glitzy, more glamorous and even less ‘cricket’ than last year’s edition. IPL has become the carnival of the nation. Let’s hope it remains so and does not actually start be taken seriously. Now-a-days these … Continue reading

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The perfect day

It’s been a long time since I have been this overcome with emotions, at least positive ones. It’s been a long time coming and now that it’s happened nothing can spoil this for me, absolutely nothing, not the crazy OCD prof … Continue reading

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Two things I don’t support…

1. Matthew Hayden blaming his team’s 2-0 defeat on petty issues like people taking too long to move out of the way of sightscreens . 2. People going overboard and singing praises of India’s economic might to justify the claim … Continue reading

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Considering that there is no infrastructure in place and the fact that Suresh Kalmadi is in Charge , it doesn’t take  rocket science to figure out that this years Commonwealth Youth Games are going to be a disaster. Some suggestions … Continue reading

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Michael Phelps

Got this pic in an email today and loved the inherent ‘fastest swimmer’ pun. Here it is.

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What’s wrong with you , Roger?

As everyone knows by now Roger Federer has lost his No 1 position to Rafael Nadal. While I agree that Nadal is playing the best tennis I’ve seen him play yet , I have to say that Federer has lost … Continue reading

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