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New Years

I am not the type of person who cares for events – things like religious festivals celebrating long lost, outmoded traditions and rituals, capitalist mercenary nonsense like Hallmark holidays or even personal milestones like birthdays and anniversaries. To me, these are all artificial … Continue reading

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Trip to the western edge of eastern Europe: Chapter 8: The one in which we do not see the Eiffel tower

The road to Pula was long and winding and generally very uncomfortable. We barely slept throughout the night and reached Pula totally zonked. The decision to get some sleep and check into a hostel for a day was taken nearly … Continue reading

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Here we go again

If there is one line I have written on my blog a number of times knowing full well that I am lying its this one “Long time since I wrote something. Hoping to be more regular this time” And here … Continue reading

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Why I changed my mind on Moyes

When Sir Alex Ferguson retired as manager of Manchester United, fans of the club worldwide were filled first with disbelief for it happened so suddenly and once that had settled in – with morbid fear. Fear because deep down we knew … Continue reading

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Dear Tendlya

Dear Tendlya, Can I call you Tendlya? Or do you prefer Sachin? Either way – I have always referred to you in this fashion – like a friend, never as some Mr Tendulkar who plays cricket and has no direct … Continue reading

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Shiv Sainiks vs Bombay

Let me just begin by saying I was never a fan of Bal Thackeray. I do not agree with his ideology or methods. I call the city ‘Bombay’. Always have and always will. I did not mourn Bal Thackeray. Anyway, … Continue reading

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An Olympic rant

The most irritating thing about the Olympics is the reaction from so-called sports experts after the games. The same shit repeats itself after every edition. Some smartass takes out a list of medals per capita on which India always finishes … Continue reading

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RIP The Old Firm (1888-2012)

Rangers FC, the most successful football club in the world with 54 league titles, does not exist anymore. Some have described it as the fall of a giant, but to me it is far more than the fall of a … Continue reading

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Dear Barca ‘fans’

I feel it is my moral duty to educate these people and hence this post. FC Barcelona of 2009-11 is the Chelsea of 2005-07, the Madrid of the early 2000s and Man Utd of the late 1990s. They are the … Continue reading

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Sikkim Diary III – Yumthang, Rumtek and back

After another 5 hour drive we came back to our rooms at Tso Lhamu hotel in Lachen. Most of us now had headaches and were very tired. We ate lunch at 4 pm (a good 10 hours after our last … Continue reading

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